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01 Apr 2017

Dental Implants vs Dentures

This blog post highlights the difference between dental implants and dentures treatment views by our dentists. Dental implants are one of the popular options today for replacing missing teeth. Without implants, you may end up with an ill-fitting and ill-looking replacement, and even your jaw line could be altered in an undesirable manner. Cheap tooth loss replacement treatments do not last so if you are after good value and permanency, implants are a recommended choice.

Dental implants have a stable foundation and are indistinguishable from any natural teeth. Unlike other tooth loss replacement procedures, wearing implants shall not modify the contours of your jaw, much less your face. Tooth loss leads to slack jaws which lead to losing the youthfulness of your looks.

Improved comfort is another benefit you can start enjoying with dental implants. Dentures often become loose over time as the jawbone shrinks. This can lead to pressure on the gums, which can result in exposed nerves and pain. It is hard to see the difference between natural teeth and implants because teeth implants are designed with a perfect fit with your jawbone.

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15 Dec 2015

Will Tooth Regeneration Replace Dentures?

If you were a Lake Malawi child, you would never need dentures because you could just keep regenerating teeth. For humans, it doesn’t work that way yet. But could research someday provide us a way to regenerate our own teeth? That’s what researchers from the King’s College in London and the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta are trying to figure out.

According to Georgia Tech School of Biology Professor Todd Streelman, their research team has “uncovered developmental plasticity between teeth and taste buds” and are trying to identify factors that allow the fish to regenerate teeth indefinitely instead of stopping after two sets as humans do.

The study involved cross-breeding these fish according to the combined formations of their teeth and taste-buds. This is allowing the researchers to identify specific markers associated with the growth and regeneration of teeth. The researchers were “able to map the areas of the genome” involving growth of teeth and taste-buds. Experiments in London isolated specific genes that are involved in the growth of teeth and taste-buds in mice.

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