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Cosmetic dentistry is an important part of today’s dental care, a world where appearances matter so much, and trends are set in an instant. Having a brighter smile, however, is not only about appearances but also about staying healthy and taking good care of one’s teeth. Dentists have become experienced when it comes to different cosmetic dentistry procedures, recommending them to patients who want to improve the colour of their teeth. More information can be found thanks to the avalanche of cosmetic dentistry articles present on the web.

The application of porcelain veneers, bonding with a resinous material and laser bleaching represent just three methods doctors commonly present as cosmetic dentistry. Some of these procedures are recommended only for patients who have a healthy set of teeth, but they suffer from discolouration. Others, such as the application of veneers, dental crowns or bonding, are still part of cosmetic dentistry but are performed on teeth that are either chipped or broken. Healthy teeth can also benefit from mouth-tray bleaching systems, whitening gels, and strips, each being presented in detail through cosmetic dentistry articles as well.

Bleaching gels contain peroxide, and it usually takes a couple of weeks before the results are noticeable. Whitening gels are also used in the application of the laser, the doctor using the laser to activate the gel present on the teeth. Veneers represent small strips of porcelain, and they are a great way to modify the aspect of a tooth, demonstrating how much has cosmetic dentistry advanced in the past few years. Just like many cosmetic dentistry articles will point out, veneers represent a sort of a permanent choice and they cannot be removed.

Our dentists will explain potential side-effects of teeth whitening procedures, the most common being increased sensitivity. The appearance of these side-effects depends on each patient, the method chosen and the technology used. Cosmetic dentistry often implies treatments are not painful while delivering amazing results, the risk for side-effects to appear being quite low. Laser bleaching delivers, without any doubt, the fastest teeth whitening and guarantees a healthy-looking aspect.

Some Dentists may advise against bleaching teeth due to any issues faced in the cavities, gum disease and nerve root that has been exposed. Only healthy teeth benefit from whitening treatments, and the dentist is responsible for selecting the several possible options for the patient.

Teeth whitening procedures are recommended to eliminate the stains present on the teeth and improve discolouration, the result being a whiter smile. Home bleaching systems would not deliver the same results as teeth whitening in a dental clinic. The results obtained after the in-clinic procedures can be maintained at home by the patient, provided that person uses toothpaste with a whitening effect and other dental care products that dentist carefully recommends.

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