HBF Preferred Dentist

Candlewood Dental Centre is a HBF Preferred Health Fund Provider in Joondalup, Perth

Managing dental services can be quite costly. Some treatments involve a lot of complicated procedures, and this will result in many visits to the dentist and eventually lead to expenses of up to hundreds of dollars. As a result, most people tend to take out various health insurance covers.

Here are the following dental services are offered at our clinic: dentures, crown and bridgework, dental implants, porcelain veneers, sleep dentistry, wisdom teeth removal, children’s dentistry, Invisalign, Emergency dentistry among others.

The highly professional staff at this clinic treats all patients as a member of Candlewood family. The clinic is also under the HBF Insurance company because our patients’ comfort is our number one priority. The HBF policy covers a range of dental services. General dental consists of the regular dental treatment a patient may have during a routine visit. This includes not only benefits towards the consultations, but also the fillings, scale and cleaning, extractions and mouth guards. The level of the coverage for the service required will depend on the type of policy that the patient has taken up with HBF.

Our dentists are all registered as providers by HBF, and so it is possible for a patient to have a scale and clean which is fully covered per the calendar year, but this will depend on the level of the essentials of your cover. However, a patient can receive a 90 % benefit on all the other dental services.

The benefits of this HBF policy adopted by the Candlewood Dental Centre include the fully covered scale and clean mentioned earlier, there is also no in between gap to pay for your kids’ preventive dental, which more often than not leads to losses. This means that all the dependents of people who are insured under HBF will be fully covered for the general dental procedures such as regular check-ups, fillings, cleans among others.

However, spouses are not treated as dependents. And there is also a yearly limit of up to four hundred dollars per person. Other than this, a person is also capable of getting a 60 % back on the dental services offered. This policy is of course ideal if a person only wants dental insurance and does not want to pay for other services which he is not going to use. Please refer to the HBF Health Fund page to find out more on what dental treatments are covered.

Candlewood Dental Centre provides quality dental care. To find out more, book an appointment here or Call (08) 9404 9520

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Any surgical or invasive procedure carries risks. Before proceeding, we encourage you to discuss these matters with an appropriately qualified health practitioner.