The purpose of the braces is to help patients straighten their teeth. Over time, braces move the teeth applying a force that the dentist can control and adjust in each appointment.

Braces have three basic parts that apply force to the teeth:

  • Brackets: are made of metal or ceramic. They are glued to each tooth.
  • Archwire: is a thin metal wire that goes into each bracket around the teeth. The arch wire force can be adjusted as needed sometimes by replacing it for a new wire.
  • Elastics: are small coloured elastics that hold the bracket onto the archwire. The elastics are changed every time they become loose at each adjustment visit to the dentist.

The movement of teeth involves different cells and tissues that form the periodontal ligament. The force that braces apply to the teeth stimulates the bones’ cells and tissues to move gradually. The periodontal ligament attaches the teeth to the bone and helps the teeth withstand compressive forces of biting.

The role of dental braces is to apply a regulated force that guides the teeth into a better position. Brackets that are placed during the dental brace treatment produce pressure and tension to the root of the teeth. The archwire applies a force that can be adjusted and cause the teeth to move in a predictable direction. However teeth do not move immediately after braces are placed. The force applied during the braces treatment will start moving the cells and tissues approximately within two to three weeks.

Getting your braces tightened at each adjustment appointment may cause some discomfort or pain. However, this pain will disappear within one to two hours after braces have been tightened. Patients can control also request some sedation or anaesthesia from the dentist to ease the discomfort. Patients should also remember to go to their adjustment appointments since they are very important for the success of the treatment. These appointment should be at least once a month. The delayed dental the longer the treatment will take. If braces are not tightened often they will not work as intended. Patients that remove the elastics because they feel pain or discomfort are delaying the treatment even if this is only for a couple of days.

On the other hand, if a patient constantly follow the instructions recommended by their dentists the treatment can be completed quickly. These instructions include not only to go to adjustment appointments but also to have a good oral hygiene and a proper care of your braces. Healthier teeth will move into the desire position quicker making the braces treatment shorter. When Braces are removed, a retainer has to be used. Retainers will keep the teeth in their new position since they tend to move back to the original position once braces have been taken off.

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